Food For Thought

Psst. Our secret is not what we do, but how we do it.

Good to know about us

Doing the right things and doing it the right way

We are small enough for a boutique approach, but experienced enough for any size of the project.

We do not think that there is value in complexity - that's why we do not preserve incomprehensible terms, definitions and abbreviations.

We value self-reliance and skill - so we can develop software and open the lock by a pass-key.

The result of our work is increased resilience and reliability in everything you do. We will do this by using our expertise and transferring know-how from a wide variety of industries.

You can learn more about us here or in our manifesto.

  • Projects on time

    We value our own time as well as the time of others.

  • Quality appraisal

    We are not afraid to admit to our mistakes. If we make a mistake, we will fix it . That is how quality is made.

  • Satisfaction

    We are not sugarcoating things, however when we have agreed to something, we will stick by it.

  • Long-term relationships

    We value long-term relationships and we believe that these relationships are the best indicator of our work.

Are we going to make it happen?