5. 2. 2019

IT/OT asset management

IT/OT asset management

Having a list of your assets – system types, applications, hardware, active firmware – is the absolute starting point for security solutions. Because how can you protect something which you do not even know exists?

We will help you to develop a process, set up a system and automate it as much as possible, so that you will have all the relevant information regarding your assets and the state they are in.

Relevant application

If you only do one thing to safeguard your security, then make sure it’s the managing of assets. Without a current list of your assets, each additional measure or step will have either a decreased effect or none at all.

Our procedure

We will create for you a list of assets – hardware, software, apps, firmware, frameworks – in short, any and everything that we find. We combine technical data from probes and scans along with inventorial and other “paper traces.”


You will receive a list of all assets, the process on how to update the asset information, and a system for the on-going management of your assets.