5. 2. 2019

Information exposure

Information exposure

Every day you create an enormous amount of information. You update your website, you send out press releases, you tackle problems with others via email. You publish articles and contributions to conferences. You cooperate with various universities, and students write their theses about your work. All of this is great – although not if you are inadvertently helping out someone who you do not wish to.

After all, when was the last time you looked at Dropbox to see what is being shared about you and your organization?

Relevant application​

When you would like to determine what an attacker can find out about you, even before they attack.

Our procedure​

We will verify what is known about you and put this acquired information into context. We will connect all the dots with information from your domain name, WHOIS database, and data from social media or presentations. That way you can determine how an attacker sees you.


A list of public information placed in the context of security. All of this from the perspective of an attacker who is doing his “homework” on you.