5. 2. 2019

Security architecture

Security architecture

We have been with you every step of the way: from the implementing of security solutions to the designing of control systems to the implementing of security for existing systems. We have worked during operations, designed data centers and networks, and have implemented application security. All of this work has provided us with a unique perspective on problematic areas. And thanks to this knowledge of your systems, we are able to assist you in devising security architecture, from the defining of objectives to the implementing of a plan to conceiving a budget and work distribution.

Relevant application​

The best time for creating security architecture is the present, especially if you don’t have it in place yet. And even if you already have it in place but are planning to implement new systems, applications, processes, or another change, then now is the time to re-assess your entire current security architecture.

Our procedure​

Provided you have security architecture already in place, we will revise its current state and go over requests with owners and users of assets. Additionally, we will take into account your technical and security progress from the time of the security architecture’s implementation up until the present.

If security architecture has yet to be implemented, we will focus on what you would like to accomplish as an organization and what kind of progress you envision, whether technical or organizational or both. We will devise a plan on how to proceed with the development of your systems and applications, so that security does not hinder development.


You will receive a catalog of measures which will need to be implemented as well as a diagram of relationships and principals by which to operate. All of this will take into account your operations and which systems, applications, and processes you utilize. Furthermore, the choosing of suitable technology suppliers is much easier once you have a working security architecture in place.