15. 8. 2022


Join our team

How do we work?

We are organized around fairly simple rules. You own the thing you are responsible for. We work remotely. We communicate asynchronously. We have quarterly meetup somewhere in Europe where we have fun and discuss strategic topics.

This setup requires strong communication skills, both spoken and writen. We do not want to work with people pleasers nor rock-stars/primadonnas. Be humble and strive for excellence and you will love it here.

How to apply?

Write email to jobs@rolken.cz with name of the position and attach your CV. You might say few words about you – empty email with CV is weird. If you prefer not to write anything, that is OK too. Just state what you want. 🙂

Before you apply here are prerequirements:

  • EU citizenship or residence in EU/Schengen/EEA country;
  • No criminal record.

Open positions

DevOps engineer


You will own our infrastructure and be responsible for resilience and availability. Our infrastructure is fairly simple – we have Haproxy in front, Wireguard is connecting sites and access gateways, everything is running on Rockylinux except pentesting and certain fuzzing machines – those are running on Ubuntu. We configure everything using configuration management based on Salt stack and certain ammount of shell scripts. Everything is pushed to Git repository and tested on test environment. If it works we release infrastructure build to production.

We like to keep things simple and as little dependencies to external services as possible.

Key skills and knowledge

  • Proficient in Linux – we are using Rockylinux and Ubuntu;
  • Shell scripting;
  • Python;
  • Basic knowledge of configuration management – we are using Salt stack;
  • Basic networking skills.

Employment form : Full-time/part-time/contract.

Security tester


You will perform pentests of applications, networks, and systems. Part of your job will be tooling development to automate security testing. Nobody likes to do repetitive, mundane work nor should you. You will occasionally interact with our customers either to setup project or clarify findings. We try to move from long reports to more lean approach and onboard customers to use defect management approach but sometimes you will write formal report.

Key skills and knowledge

  • Experience in application and network security testing;
  • Experience in offensive security (i.e. pentests, CTFs, exploit development);
  • Ability to work with Linux and Windows;
  • Knowledge of common networking protocols and topologies;
  • Scripting/programming skills;
  • Security certifications (e.g., OSCP) are a plus.

Employment form : Full-time/part-time/contract.