4. 2. 2019




We are fairly small for a “boutique approach,” yet on the other hand, we are experienced enough to take on projects of any size. Moreover, from all of our years working in the business sphere, we have compiled an extensive network of developers, business and data analysts and other experts who we put to use towards the success of any given project.


We value long-term relationships– both with colleagues and clients; we believe that these relationships are the best indicator of our work.


We realize that time is one of our most valuable commodities. We value our own time as well as the time of others – that’s why we respect deadlines and appointments.


Good friends stick to their agreements. That’s why we’ll always be honest with you, and when we have agreed to something, we will stick by it.

Openess and honesty

We are open and honest– you will be informed of problems politely, yet we won’t sugarcoat them. This is how we communicate amongst ourselves and also how we’ll communicate with you.

Make it clear

We don’t believe that cleverness and dexterity make up for a lack of communication skills. Even if we were to come up with the most brilliant solution ever, it will not come to fruition if we are unable to properly explain it. That’s why we place an emphasis on listening and clear communication.


We are not afraid to admit to our mistakes. If we make a mistake, we will fix it – but not on your watch and regardless of how much extra time it takes us. Our reputation means a lot to us.

Helicopter view

We understand various fields, although refuse to be pigeon-holed by their limitations. During our work, we gain inspiration from many different branches, because we believe that the best things are born by bridging the divide of different disciplines.


Last but not least, with us you will not have to be in contact with account managers or sales teams. Simply because that’s not how we operate. Each project is directly led by the person who is working on it.